Trends That Table-Top! Discover Trendsetting Side Tables.

Today, let's talk about a decor trend that is swiftly becoming a staple in stylish interiors: the unique side table. It's not just about having somewhere to place your coffee mug or book anymore; it’s about making a statement.

Why Side Tables Are More Than Just Furniture

Side tables have transcended their traditional role and are now pivotal pieces in home decor. They're conversation starters, focal points, and, at Esme Home, a testament to bespoke craftsmanship. Our selection includes pieces that double as art - from the serene presence of the Buddha to the spirited stance of jungle fauna, each table is a piece de resistance.

The Side Table: A Home Decor Trend Worth Watching

The trend forecast for home decor in 2023 has seen an uptick in furniture that tells a story. Our gorgeous gold Buddha side table, cradling your favourite plant, or the whimsical gold monkey side table, offering a tray with finesse, are not just functional; they're sculptures that complement your lifestyle and decor aspirations.

Transform Your Home with Esme Home's Side Tables

At Esme Home, we believe in surrounding ourselves with beauty. Our chic silver Buddha side table or the sleek gold leopard side table are more than just surfaces; they are the epitome of form meeting function in the most graceful way. Each piece is curated to not just blend into your space but to elevate it.

Embrace the Trend with Our Unique Collection

Whether you are an aficionado of the avant-garde or a devotee of classic elegance, there's a side table in our collection for you. Picture the majestic Greyhound side table standing guard by your reading chair, or the elegant gold palm tree side table lending a tropical vibe to your lounge - these are the details that create a curated home.

In Conclusion

A side table from Esme Home isn't just another piece of furniture; it's a choice to live beautifully. As you explore the latest in home decor trends, consider how a unique side table can transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary. Visit our website to shop our collection and find the perfect piece to complete your home's story.


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