Future Trend: Botanical Interior Design Using Wicker, Rattan And Wallpaper

We may not be able to control everything in the outside world, but we can control what happens inside our four walls. And that means making sure that we’re taking care of ourselves, our families and our friends by creating spaces that help us relax and unwind in good times… and bad times too! But if the pandemic has taught us anything – it’s that our homes really are our castles.

Artificial Plants in Seagrass Baskets

You've probably seen it before—maybe in your own home, or in a magazine or on Pinterest—but organic interior design is still going strong. We're talking about everything from wicker plant pots to woven baskets to rattan furniture. All things raw and organic are still part of the main narrative for next year, so embrace those woven baskets, revive your rattan, dust off your wallpapering brush, and welcome next year’s big botanical wall coverings!

Artificial Plants & Flowers

As we continue to move toward a more sustainable lifestyle, organic interior design will continue to be a major trend. The organic look began back in 2018 when people started using natural materials like wood and stone. These materials have now become the norm for interior design and will only continue to grow as long as people continue to embrace this way of living. Organic is not just about using natural materials—it's about creating a space that feels like home. It's about creating a space where you can relax, unwind, and escape from the stress of everyday life.


Green Fern in Hanging Rattan Basket - £26.99

Green Ferns in Seagrass Basket - £19.99

Artificial Aloe Vera in Seagrass Basket - £14.99

Spider Plant in Hanging Rattan Basket - £12.99

Artificial Succulent in Seagrass Basket - £12.99

Artificial Hanging Leaves - £19.99

Artificial Fern in Seagrass Basket - £19.99


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