Embrace Regency Elegance: Discover Our Bridgerton-Inspired Home Décor Collection

As the eagerly anticipated return of Bridgerton graces our screens with the release of the second part of Season 3, the enchantment of the Regency era once again captivates viewers worldwide. At Esme Home we’re thrilled to accompany the return of this beloved series with our exclusive collection of Bridgerton-style home décor. Perfect for those looking to sprinkle a little aristocratic charm into their living spaces, our selection of oriental blue and white ginger jars, elegant cake stands, and regal jugs and bowls are poised to transform your home into a setting worthy of the ton.

Oriental blue and white porcelain square ginger jar with intricate traditional patterns, showcasing timeless elegance for classic home decor.

Why Bridgerton Style?

Bridgerton is not just a feast for the eyes with its sumptuous costumes and breathtaking sets; it also sets the tone for a lifestyle rich in elegance and romance. Drawing inspiration from the show’s visual feast, our Bridgerton-style collection captures the essence of Regency decor, characterised by ornate aesthetic details and a classic colour palette. Incorporating these elements into your home decor can effortlessly elevate your interior design, making every corner a celebration of timeless beauty.

Featured Products

  • Oriental Blue and White Ginger Jars: No Regency-style home is complete without these exquisite pieces. Perfect for displaying fresh flowers or simply as a statement piece, these ginger jars bring a touch of refined elegance to any room.

  • Regal Cake Stand: Entertain in true Bridgerton fashion with a cake stand that’s perfect for displaying your afternoon tea delights. Whether it’s macarons or petite fours, our cake stand promises to be the centrepiece of your table.

Styling Tips for a Bridgerton-Inspired Home

Creating a Bridgerton-inspired space involves more than just placing a few thematic items around your home. Here are some tips to ensure your décor truly embodies the Regency style:

  1. Colour Scheme: Stick to pastel colour palettes or classic combinations like blue and white. These colours not only brighten your space but also lend it an air of tranquillity and elegance.

  2. Floral Motifs: Use floral designs liberally, whether in the form of upholstery, wallpapers, or actual blooms. Flowers are a central theme in Bridgerton and can bring life and colour to your décor.

  3. Gold Accents: Incorporate gold mirrors, picture frames, and decorative items to add a touch of luxury and opulence that the Regency era is known for.

  4. Layer Textures: Mix and match different materials like silk, velvet, and porcelain to give your space a layered, tactile feel that’s both luxurious and comfortable.

As Bridgerton continues to capture hearts with its compelling storytelling and visual splendour, embracing its style can bring a similar charm to your own home. Visit our website today to explore our Bridgerton-inspired collection and start transforming your space into a Regency-era masterpiece. Remember, when it comes to decorating, every detail counts in making your home fit for a queen.


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